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FROM THB 40,000,000

Absolute Beachfront Villas

Typical Villa







The enormous mulberry trees found on this sheltered, sandy cove add to the harmonious blend of luxury living and environmental sensitivity. Spectacular landscaping, gentle trade winds and elegant designs and finishes combine to provide a most desirable lifestyle in this much sought after location

  • Perfect fengshui.
  • Large, functional balconies.
  • 100 meters of pristine beachfront.
  • Cafe, fitness center, reception and lounge area.
  • Extensive landscaped gardens and pool areas.
  • Advanced environmental technologies and systems.
  • Private security
  • Fully approved by local authorities.

The villas at Mulberry Cove are being offered to discerning buyers who understand the fusion of design and functionality.


Mulberry Cove is a soothing fusion of luxury and nature; living spaces flow without boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas, giving an overwhelming feeling of being truly at one with the environment.

The natural setting that surrounds the development is simply breathtaking; exquisite landscaped gardens blend seamlessly with pristine natural landscape. This is your own private Eden. Unspoiled, unsurpassed luxury.

Mulberry Cove speaks for itself, but is only part of the living experience; discover the natural high of waking to stunning ocean vistas; morning walks across the white sands of Kamala Beach; magical sunsets from your private balcony.

These are just some of the pleasures that await you at Mulberry Cove.

Typical Villa Design


The pursuit of environmentally sustainable development principles and procedures must commence with a full understanding of each development’s existing natural systems and balances. A flora and fauna survey provides the foundation upon which this understanding will be built.

In addition to the survey an identification of the extent and type of introduced species is recorded.

The site will not be considered in isolation, with every endeavor being made to develop an understanding of the role the habitats on the site play in the survival of species in any adjoining areas. The natural resources on the site, including the beach front location, will be thoroughly evaluated and will only be utilized in way that will protect an ongoing role as an integral part of the existing ecosystem.


Each residence is designed to produce the highest investment returns. Our managed residence program will offer a full range of bespoke management services while providing exceptional rental returns generated through the optional rental program.

Pacvest Group is an experienced property developer that has operated across the Southeast Asia region since 1985.

In Thailand, the group has planned and executed several luxury residential and resort developments on behalf of Pacvest Group and their Investors. These developments have been delivered to the highest international standards, Producing maximum financial returns to Buyers and Investment Partners.

Offered under a 50-year Leasehold, the development at Mulberry Cove will consist of: 7 exclusive private beachfront villas, together with fully managed amenities and services.

Luxury furniture packages are available.
Villa prices start from THB 40,000,000 (apx US$1,250,000)
Subject to final design and specification.


Pacvest Group was founded over 30 years ago in Sydney and expanded its operations into Southeast Asia through the 1990s. To facilitate this expansion Pacvest Group opened Pacvest Property Services Limited (PPS) in Bangkok in 1989 to further the Group’s Property and Financial Services interests in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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Imedgeconcepts head Andrew Scatergood is leading the Mulberry Cove project, Andrew is one of South East Asia’s most renowned designers, with many high end luxury projects seen to completion, he is a true industry expert.


Kamala Bay, Phuket, Thailand
Anthony James (Eng) +66 81 835 1855